Day 16 (09/23/14)

Letting the tests out this year.

AP Stats: Empirical rule today. I wonder if I should even teach the empirical rule. I mean we can solve any of these problems using z-scores and the normal table. I’m going to have ask the experts about this.

Stats & Data: Great day of infographic work today. Everyone on task. Everyone getting stuff done. Our warm up today was a type 1 writing prompting my students to articulate questions they were having on the project. I used a google form to collect their responses and was able to quickly answer the questions. I had them put this assignment on their agendas to get a completion stamp. I think all warm-ups will go on their agendas. I believe this will increase completion of the warm-ups.

Algebra 2: Nice work today on graphing linear and absolute value inequalities. This is the last week of our review modules so we need to use our time wisely. We will be solving systems graphically tomorrow.



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