Day 15 (09/22/14) Test Corrections

Well, the tests didn’t go as well as I had hoped.

AP Stats: As I was grading the describing distributions tests this weekend, I was shocked my students had issues with shape and relative position of mean and median. I thought we had that spot-on. We explored some geogebra interactives, we had some of the questions on the practice test, we put the relationships of shape and center on their review card in their INBs, … So, test corrections are in order. Mornings, lunches for a few days to earn some points back.

The lesson I learned from this issue is I new to be doing more formative and interim assessments. I should have known my students issues with this concept before the test, not as I’m grading them. Lesson learned.

Stats & Data: My guys are figuring out data mining is not easy. They are really digging for data to include graphically in their infographics. Good luck, my students.



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