Day 14 (09/19/14) Infographics!!!!!

AP Stats: Test today over describing distributions. Our test consisted of four real-deal AP multiple choice questions from released tests and 4 real-deal FRQs. Three of the FRQs were deconstructed or fleshed out or guidelines added to the questions. Free Response questions are pretty hard, especially for a first test. I likely gave too much additional information, but it was the first test. I received some great advice for next year from @druinok: Use a different font for the additions so the kids will be able to see what information was added. Will do. As we continue our AP Stats journey, each test will have less added information or guidelines. Baby steps, I guess. I’m really looking forward to grading them. Yeah, I said that. I think my students got this stuff.

Stats & Data: We started our infographic project today. Each student will create a digital poster that tells a story about a topic that interests them. We are a 1-1 iPad school so we are using Keynote slides to make our info graphics. I wish we had the ability to make the “pro” infographics. I’ve seen the site, but have not determined a way to use it for my classes. Any suggestions?

Algebra 2: Great progress on our review modules. Next week will be our last dedicated time to complete these individual modules. Any unfinished modules may still be completed at lunch or after school.

Looking forward to a wonderful Pure Michigan fall weekend.



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