Day 12 (09/18/14)

AP Stats: We are getting ready for our first test on Friday. We started the day with an Ogive FRQ for our warm-up. I was pretty impressed with how the guys fared. Then I had my students spend 10 minutes creating a large index card of stuff to know about describing distributions. We will be creating a flip book of sorts in the back cover of the INBs with chapter review guides. I will post a picture tomorrow. These will be great review guides that the kids can look at regularly. I read about this idea somewhere. My memory thinks it was an AP Calculus teacher that posted this idea. I wish I could give proper credit, but my mind fails me again. Homework tonight was to finish a practice test. The practice test consisted of six real deal multiple choice questions and three FRQs.

Stats & Data: Quiz today on constructing box plots and calculating outliers. Then we watched the Against All Odds Series video on standard deviation. I like the new updated versions of these videos. We will be calculating standard deviation by hand for a few small data sets.

Algebra 2: Lines, Lines, Lines!!!!



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