Day 11 (09/16/14)

AP Stats: We are winding down the learning targets for the first unit. We did a ogive booklet in class today (thanks to @druinok). Funny name, ogive. I told my students it took a couple years of teaching until I really understood ogives. No worries, now I got it! The kids will do an ogive FRQ tomorrow for their warm-up.

Stats & Data: Whew, finally finished the “30 Second” activity. I really held the kids to the CCSS mathematical practice of PRECISION. Labels, units, titles, scaling…

Algebra 2: We are review lines today so we completed a graphic organizer. We talked about the differences of the different forms of the equations of lines. My students prefer:   y = mx + b  I would rather work worth with: y – y1 = m( x – x1). I like discussing the structure of the point-slope formula. It really ties nicely into transformations of the family of functions.



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