Day 10 (09/15/14)

Where did the weekend go?

AP Stats:

We started our day by talking about the FRQ I graded over the weekend. There are so many ticky-tack parts to the FRQs that it’s really difficult to write a perfect FRQ. I have the kids just redo them in iterations. I graded the FRQ out of eight points instead of the usual four. Most of my students scored 6/8 for the their first iteration. They may correct them and turn the FRQ in again. Then I grade them again. I do a lot of grading in this class.

After the FRQ review we explored outliers and their effect on measures of center and spread. I used home run data from Baltimore Orioles’ outfielder Brady Anderson. He was that scrawny guy that suddenly hit 50 HRs. Yeah, during the steroid era. The kids figured out mean and standard deviation are not resistant measures, but median and IQR are resistant.

Stats & Data:

We completed our Chapter One unit organizer today and worked on the “30 second” activity. The organizer is attached below.

Unit 1&2 Organizer

Algebra 2:

We are finishing our work on solving absolute value equations and inequalities. We completed our organizer and finished pre-quizzes and quizzes. The organizer is attached below.


Absolute Value Organizer


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