Day 9 (09/12/14)

A really fun Friday at Holland High. I start Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings with breakfast duty. It is such a fun time meeting, greeting, and talking to so many students each morning. I try to say hello and wish a good day to everyone in the cafeteria.

AP Stats: Full-on describing distributions FRQ blitz todayWe completed one FRQ together as a class. Then my students worked in groups of four to complete three others. We made a little folder page in our interactive notebooks (INBs) to house the FRQs.

I used the green, yellow, and red cup system to indicate if the groups need any help. Here are some pictures.

photo 3 photo 4 photo 2

The group with the red cup was having trouble determining how the shape of a distribution effects the relative position of mean and median. We looked at the geogbratube interactive I mentioned yesterday to help clear up their confusion. Here is the link again.

Most groups completed 3 out of the 4 FRQs. I had them select one of them for me to hand grade for a quiz score. The remaining unfinished FRQ is the HW for the weekend.

I had so much fun walking around the room and listening to conversations around the FRQs. I have to constantly remind myself not chime in to their discussions unless I am needed.

Stats & Data:

We completed a quick quiz and worked on box plots and outliers today. We had to review order of operations today as some students were having trouble with the outlier formula (Q1-1.5(Q3-Q1)). After we constructed a few box plots by hand, we used Statkey make some box plots. The graphs constructed on Statkey were different with different outliers. Yikes, we discussed that the program may use a different method for calculating the quartiles and outliers.

My students really are enjoying their “agendas” There is something about getting stamps that keep you motivated.

photo 1

I made an organizer for the describing distributions last night for my students. They just seemed to be a bit scattered with the big ideas. I hope the organizer with help.

Algebra 2:

We are reviewing solving absolute value equations and inequalities. I made a organizer around the three main types we were solving. I attached it below. The kids are completing Algebra 1 review modules for the first few weeks of this course. I really enjoy working shoulder to shoulder with these guys. I get such a great feel for the math skills, and I can give individual help.

Julie @jkindred13

Absolute Value Organizer


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