Day 7 (09/10/14)

We are starting to hit our stride, finally!. I feel like my legs are back at it.

Stats & Data: The kids determined a data collection plan for the “30 second” activity I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. They decided to work with a partner. One person would run the stopwatch (on phones or iPad), and they other partner would decide when 30 seconds had elapsed. My students thought they should wait a period of time before switching roles. We talked about bias and learning. One of my students suggested the timing partner would “learn” or have a better idea how long 30 seconds lasts. Well done. So, in between data gathering we worked on constructing stem plots, dot plots, and histograms.

I’m using an agenda/checklist system for this class. Pro. I linked a blog post where I learned about checklists. Basically, the kids write down their tasks as they are assigned. When they complete the assignment or activity, they receive a stamp. They kids have some freedom when to complete the tasks. My students really like to get their stamps. I guess it’s like the joy of crossing items of a to do list. I’ve decide that I will enter a HW grade for this work after each unit. We will start a new agenda/checklist for each unit.


AP Stats: Great time today calculating standard deviation by hand. Well, we used the list functions in our graphing calculators to expedite the process. I really love showing how the formula for standard deviation really screams the meaning of standard deviation. I was very pleased how well my students did using the structure of the formula to interpret the meaning. Well done, guys! (I’m from the midwest, we say guys.)

I used the Green, Yellow, Red cups for our exit ticket. I simply asked what is a standard deviation? My students responded on a slip of paper and placed their ticket in the color of the cup that matched their confidence in their answer. As I read the responses, I was amazed that their answers did truly match the cup colors. My students knew if they knew!


photo 1 photo 2










Another great day. 



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