Day 5 (09/08/14)

First Monday.

AP Stats: Most students have their iPads, thus most have their ebook. We worked on graphing histograms using graphing calculators. Before the time of screencasting, it would take so long to teach calculator proficiency. Now, I show the kids one time, and they can view a screencast showing the steps if the forget. Pro.

histo screencast

Stats & Data: We are working on describing data in this course as well. I just don’t feel I’ve found my stride in the class. I’m hoping now that most have their iPads we can get rolling. We are going to explore statkey site for graphing histograms, dot plots, and box plots tomorrow. I really love that site. I rarely use TI graphing calculators in this class. I like statkey or other apps for data exploration.

Algebra 2: Most of my students passed through solving multi-step linear equations today. Good work, guys. We will be solving equations with fractions and decimals tomorrow.



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