Day 4 (09/05/2014) Traction

As we finish up the first week it feels like we’re getting somewhere. I mean, like we are in the groove now.

AP Stats: We worked on distributions today. Specifically, we constructed stemplots, histograms, and dot plots. The kids completed their examples in a booklet that was then glued/taped in our INBs. Monday we will work on graphing using our graphing calculators. I’m frustrated with using graphing calculators. There are great web pages and iPads apps for graphing, but those may not be used on the AP Exam. So, we use an outdated technology. (Plus, I’m frustrated that graphing calculators still cost $100+.) Alas…

After sketching graphs we started describing distributions using shape, center, spread and “other” features. Context, Context, Context! I assigned my first HW problems today. I try to be very intentional about assigning HW and hope each set takes less than 20 minutes per night. 

Stats & Data: We also worked on graphing distributions in Stats & Data. We informally discussed measures of center and spread of the distributions. The kids tend to struggle constructing histograms at first. They have a tough time figuring out what bin length to use. We will be using statkey to graph on Monday.

Algebra 2: After a great few days with graphing stories we started our Algebra 1 review modules. Most of my students were able to pass the first two modules without much issue. This is great.

A great first week, but I’m really tired.



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