Day 3: (09/04/2014)

A good day!!

Algebra 2: So yesterday we worked on relating graphs to real-life scenarios. I found this activity on twitter authored by Dugdale and Kibbey. Given a real-life scenario the kids had to choose from three graphs that correctly modeled the situation. I organized the activity around stations to get the kids moving. I allowed for 60 seconds to complete each station, but reduced the time period to 45 seconds. My students really did well.


For today’s warm-up I had my students create their own real-life scenario with three model choices. My plan was to use these student created problems as additional warm-ups throughout the year. However, I should have restricted the kids from creating examples using speed and distance. Most groups did a variation of the same type of problem. I did have one group relate a long board kick jump height to time. Very cool. Unfortunately the example is at school, and I can’t include it here.

After the warm-up we completed some graphing stories graphs. If you haven’t tried these please check them out. Very fun. We did about four of them. I think my favorite was “Distance from Home”. The story featured a boy running the bases on a baseball diamond. Great discussion of speed and slope from the graph. Good stuff.


AP Statistics: 

My school is having a bit of an issue with getting our iPads passed out. One of my classes received their iPads so we were able to get enrolled in our iTunesU course and download their ebook text. The students in my other AP class have not received their iPads yet, so they have not downloaded their text. Maybe tomorrow!!

While the books were downloading we began putting together their interactive notebooks (INBs). I’ve blogged about those last year. You can read about them here. I really enjoyed using them last year and look forward to improving the experience for this school year.

Stats & Data:

Yesterday we completed a google form collecting data. I made histograms from the data, and today the kids had to match each question with graph of the distribution. So much fun listening to great student discussions as they completed the task. The group(s) with the most graphs identified correctly won a smartie. Thanks to Sally Miller for a great activity. 


I will have my AP Stats class do this part tomorrow.



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