Day 2 (09/03/2014)

Whew, I need to get my teacher legs back! First full day and my dogs are barking.

AP Stats and Stats & Data:

We started the hour by collecting class data. I found this activity in a twitter post or someone’s blog. Sally Miller is the author of the activity, but I don’t remember where I found it. I made a google form to collect the data. Google forms are amazing. Data is collected and organized in a spread sheet. From the data, you make histograms and have the kids try to match the histograms to the questions. I just finished making the histograms. To make the graphs I used stat key. It was fairly easy to copy of column of data values from the google sheet and paste into the data box in statkey. However, my instructions for entering the data was not clear. I had to do a bit of reformatting. For instance, one question asks, “What grade do you expect in …”. Well, some kids entered the expected percent and others entered a letter grade. Lesson learned.

Oh, we are a 1-1 iPad school, so when I planned to do this activity I expected the kids to have the iPads. Unfortunately due to an unexpected glitch, this was not the case. No worries, “bring your own device” to the rescue. Kids used their smart phones or my devices to complete the data collection.

After all the data was collected we worked on a card sort from @druinok. The kids had 10-15 distributions that they needed to sort based on the shape. What an eye-opener. Many groups based their piles using the width of the histograms! Without doing this card sort I would not have realized that I need to be intentional about not using size of bars per se as a criteria for sorting. Here is a pic from this activity!



After the kids were done with their sorting I had groups select one of the their sorted piles to reveal to the rest of the class. The groups members explained their criteria for their decision. The kids did a great job discussing different features of the graphs. Tomorrow when the my students come into class they will complete a warm-up that asks them to draw a distribution that is skewed to the lower (left) value. 

Algebra 2:

We did a cool activity in Algebra 2 as well. I’m running out of steam tonight, but I will explain it in tomorrow’s post. Here is a picture, though.




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