Day 1 (09/02/14)

Today marks the start of my 25th year teaching high school mathematics. I’m really proud of this. There is just something about those years that end in 0 and 5 that feel really special.

Class periods today were only 23 minutes long. We ran two half-day schedules so our 8th graders (we are a 8-12 HS) have the school all to themselves in the morning. The 9th-12th graders were present in the afternoon. Our first day includes an informational assembly. Then during each hour we review our PRIDE matrix that outlines expectations for how we “do” school at Holland High. 

Our Pride Acronym:

P: Professionalism 

R: Responsibility

I: Integrity

D: Determination 

E: Empathy

All staff members wore a cool Holland High PRIDE t-shirt.

pride H

Reviewing the Pride Matrix took most of the class period, but we had a little time to share Edmodo class codes and sign-up for Remind. I don’t like to go over syllabi on Day 1 or even Week 1, I will save that for later.  I’m looking for wardto the fun stuff planned for tomorrow.



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