Day 64: Yes/No

Song of the Day: Here’s To Never Growing Up sung by Avril Lavigne

I have often felt that teaching has stunted my growth. I mean, we are in high school every day for 30+ years!!! When I see my former students from many years ago it seems so strange to me that they are really my peers now.

Stats & Data: Constructing histograms and normal probability plots on keynote with an iPad is annoying. I love the iPad, but it does have some limitations. On the bright side, my students are learning work-around skills!

AP Stats: We are studying conditional probabilities and independence for the next few days. I prefer using YES/NO charts over Venn Diagrams. I’m not a Venn fan for probability for some reason. Boy, that almost sounds like blasphemy.



I can stay forever young” by spending everyday in the high school environment.



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