Day 62: Life is Not a Whole Number

Song of the Day: Drops of Jupiter sung by Train

My husband loves this song, I love my husband, so by the transitive property…

Algebra 2: Our quadratic models, of course, have “messy” coefficients. Therefore calculating the vertex and x-intercepts has not gone so well. Our students are so used to numbers that work out nicely that they are having issues with non-whole numbers. I do like to be able to have my students look at their answers and determine if they make sense. A good skill. We will carry on, or I will give up and use technology to find the vertex and x-intercepts.

My district had a powerful Continuous School Improvement (CSI) meeting last night. Great soul searching, questioning, mirror looking, thinking, wondering… A greater twitter feed that went along with it: #HPSCSI12213 “Reminds me that there’s a time to change.



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