Day 61: Parabola Project

Song of the Day: Peace of Mind sung by Boston

I really love Boston, but all the songs sound the same to me. Oh well, great guitar solos.

Algebra 2: After watching an iMovie Trailer I created, we started our parabola project with the Yummy Math Fountain problem. We plotted the points in Desmos and used the slider feature to try to find the quadratic of best fit. Very fun watching my students explore the steps attribute of the sliders. Some of my students got very close. Tomorrow we will use the Data Analysis iPad App to find the regression equation, vertex, and x-intercepets. I am hoping my students will understand the real-life context of parabolas.


AP Stats: Well, I graded about 300 FRQs over break, whew!!!!! I asked the kids to double check my grading by having them consult the rubrics themselves. I hope they will. I am glad to regrade their problems if they believe I am mistaken. It will be great to have individual discussions using the scoring guidelines as our focus. We made our first INB Folder page!!!

inb folder

“All I want is to have my peace of mind.”



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