Day 58: Parabola Progress

Song of the Day: Just Give Me a Reason sung by Pink

I love Pink. What a talent. What a story.

Algebra 2: We had our summative assessment today on quadratics/parabolas. The other teacher and I decided to allow formulas for the test. I always have mixed feelings about that. It just seems like the knowing the quadratic formula should be common information, especially after the number of times we sang the song! Most kids were not able to finish the test so they will work on it Monday. I will probably give a very brief review first. Am I enabling my students? Probably.

Stats & Data: The kids are searching for data sets that are approximately normal for their projects. They are trying histograms and normal probability plots to assess the normality. My students are struggling a bit to find data.

“Just give me reason” teachers are working so hard? It’s our students. They need us, they deserve our best.



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