Day 56: Missing My Music

Song of the Day: Last day of the PALS tunes!!!! Tomorrow I’m back to song of the day!!!!

AP Statistics: Last week I shared with my classes how I was apart of a convenience sample that tested BBQ Chicken in a Biskit Crackers. I asked them if they have ever seen the BBQ version in our area. Nope, no one had. So, what does mean?…Yep, they were not very good. I know, I tried three different versions of the recipe. Some of my students had never sampled these delicious crackers, so we had some. Pretty tasty morsels, but after about five crackers you are sick of them!!

Algebra 2: We are reviewing like crazy for the quadratic test on Friday. I hope my students are getting the connections between quadratics and parabola features. I know we “saw” them on Desmos App.



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