Days 52 & 53: Caught Up

This post is for Thursday and Friday (11/14 & 11/15) Half-Days for each day!

Song of the Day: Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

I chose this song in honor of my brother, Paulie. He is turning 50 on Sunday and he used to play this “45” all the time on our record player. Happy 5-0, bro.

AP Stats: We did some acting in my 3rd hour. Yeah, I randomly assigned tables to sampling type and had the kids act out the sampling procedure. Meh, it went alright. The kids did fine, though. For my 7th hour AP Stats I changed it up and we viewed a DE Steaming video segment on sampling types. Meh, again.

Algebra 2: We quizzed on operations of complex numbers. I’m looking forward to more parabola connections on Monday.

Stats & Data: We worked with TI Graphers for normal curve calculations. I demonstrated the NormalCDF & INVNorm functions. I think most kids believe using the charts are easier. I’m glad. On Monday we will construct Normal Probability Plots to assess normality of a data set. If I could have found an online and iPad compatible NPP tool we would not use the graphing calculators at all for this unit.

Well, a very long PTC week is over. A grueling schedule is complete. I enjoyed meeting with parents and all the conferences went well. I’m just really tired and have mounds of grading to do this weekend.

That’s all there is and there ain’t no more.”



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