Day 46: Nothin’ Special Project Going Well

Song of the Day: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald sung by Gordon Lightfoot

What self-respecting Michiganian wouldn’t play this song near the anniversary of the shipwreck? I was surprised that many kids commented that they loved this song. I was amused that a few kids asked me what the song was about. My response was to listen to the words as Gordon tells the story. 

AP Statistics: My students are working hard on their non-linear transformation project. There is nothing creative about the project. My kids are charged with finding a set of bivariate data and determining the most appropriate model (linear, exponential, or power) for their data. They have to show their graphs, equations, residual plots, transformations and interpretations using an iPad app. Most are choosing keynote for its ease, and they can construct graphs in keynote. Other students are using the Data Analysis App to construct their graphs and organizing their information in keynote slides. This project is in place of a traditional unit test.

Algebra 2: We are working on solving quadratic equations by factoring. I love, love, love to have the students connect their solutions to the x-intercepts of a parabola.  We get to discuss “zeros” of a polynomial and solutions to equations. The magic of connecting graphically, algebraically and numerically is very powerful pedagogy.

Stats and Data: We worked on a 10% summary writing on the Denver Broncos z-score article from Grantland. Many of my students struggled to understand the article when they were assigned the article initially. Today, we read it together and discussed the football ideas and the statistical analysis. I hope it helped. I reassigned the writing for tonight. Non-fiction reading and summarizing is something that we are being encouraged to do in our classes to prepare for the Smart Balanced Assessment.

I just noticed that I have completed a bit over one quarter of my 180 Blog. Wow, the year is going by so quickly (as they all do). I’m pleased that I have been able to continue with the blog. I am not certain I will make it the entire 180 days, though.

We’ve been having some rainy weather as of late in Pure Michigan as “the skies of November turn gloomy”.



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