Day 43: PD Data Mining

Song of the Day: None. No, Kids. No, Song.

Data Focus: Today was the day for specific statements about our testing data. We made numerical statements highlighting change in several sub-groups. These sub-groups include: All Students, Economically Disadvantaged, Students With Disabilities, English Language Learners, and Students in the Bottom 30% on the Standardized Test. From these statements we were charged with hypothesizing several possible causation theories. 

Our Causation Theories and Overall Themes:

1. Majority of issues with attendance behavior in 8th/9th graders

2. Seven period day instead of 5th period day created fatigue and HW completion plummet 

3. Curriculum not aligned vertically and horizontal.  (In Process, Though!!!)

4. Loss of outside-of-school academic supports.

Hmmmm… What’s missing?

5. My own: Outdated instructional practices. Not mentioned by the group, … yet. It brings me back to: “Can there be teaching if learning has not occurred?” I also have written that this statement STINGS. My own instructional practices are surely outdated. I’m trying, but feel like I’m still so far behind pedagogically. 

I’m live blogging right now and love the passion that my colleagues are sharing. We all want so badly for our students to achieve. Often we are at loss for what to do next. What works? What doesn’t work? Are we willing to try new things if we already feel overloaded with stress and work? 

Best PD I’ve attended. I feel the passion my colleagues have for teaching and learning. I hope we can figure this out!!!!!




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