Day 42: Halloween

Song of the Day: Sweet Caroline sung by Neil Diamond.

I am playing the Boston Redsox anthem today to recognize their World Series championship. They destroyed my beloved Cardinals, and I shall be gracious in defeat. I did not, however, pay the $1.29 to download the song. Nope, we streamed it over YouTube. My good sportsmanship has its limits!!!

AP Statistics: We began our non-linear project today with a quick review of keynote graphing. Our tech integration specialist came in for half the hour to lead the review. Thanks, DBast. The kids are not required to use keynote, there are other graphing apps for the iPads. We downloaded one called Data Analysis that will do some graphing.

Stats & Data: We are calculating z-scores and looking up proportions on the normal table. Kids are doing very well solving normal curve problems. I need to find a cool activity to do with these kids. Any ideas?

Happy Halloween, “good times never seemed some good”.



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