Day 39: Old Habits

Song of the Day: Killing me Softly  by Colbie Caillat

I chose Roberta Flack’s version of this song previously for the song of the day. Roberta’s, of course, is the best. However, Colbie Caillat sang the National Anthem at the World Series Saturday night in St. Louis, so I thought this version would be a nice memory of a fun time in The Loo.

The title of this post is Old Habits because it is so easy to go back to the lecture and worksheet model. Arghhh….I am rededicating myself to changing in my Algebra 2 class. I am flipping now, but need to get back on the INBs and foldables to improve comprehension and engagement. Hold me accountable, please.

Stats & Data: We did a quick Edmodo warm-up quiz on the empirical rule. The weekend was not kind for remembering how to solve these problems. However, after a quick review, we got back on track. The last half of the period we were invited to attend the Vocal Dimensions Jazz Vocal performance. Great time watching so many talented singers and dancers.

AP Stats: We are starting non-linear transformations this week. The ebook is loaded with support via TI-Grapher tutorial videos, interactive keynote presentation with magic move and screencasts. No excuses!!!!

Those darn Boston Redsox are “killing me” loudly tonight. C’mon, Redbirds, bear down.



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