Day 38: Anticipation

Song of the Day: Forever Young sung by Rod Stewart

Although not the original version, this one is my favorite. I am old enough to remember when MTV and VH1 played actual music videos, and I can picture this video. I chose this song because that is how our students stay in our memories, forever young.

AP Stats: We are testing on bivariate data. I have a long drive to St. Louis tomorrow so I will be able to grade these. I have high hopes for this test, I think the kids really “got it”.

Stats & Data: Although I was gone yesterday, my students seemed to really pick up on the details of the empirical rule and all the “different” percentages with in the normal curve. Well done, my students.

Algebra 2: We’ve been working on parabolas and the various forms. Today using Desmos we graphed y = x^2 + bx + 3 and used a slider for b. I had the kids run the animation on the slider and hypothesize what shape the moving vertex was making. They got it, an upside down parabola. Then we graphed y = -x^2 + 3 and the kids were pretty amazed.

Day 38 pic

Off to the World Series tomorrow, hence the title of the post. Go Cardinals.

Easy to find a section of this song to sign off with, “May good Lord be with you down every road you roam”.



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