Day 28: So Far, So Pretty Good

Song of the Day: Working for the Weekend sung by Loverboy.

Obvious choice for song of the day! I told my students that I was in junior high school when this song was popular. I even gave my friend, LB, this album for Christmas that year. I can still picture the album cover, can you?

Algebra 2: The title of this post is in honor of my Algebra 2 classes. The flip model is working pretty well. Most of the kids are watching the videos (they even made up one that they missed), and class time has been very productive. We did a little white boarding for our warm-up. I want so badly for this to work. I love sitting with kids and doing math!!!!!


AP Stats: The kids are turning in the “10% Summary” writing assignment today. Before they turn in their work, they self-edit by reading the essay aloud in a “one-foot” voice. This strategy is an important piece of the John Collins Writing Model. It works great for finding mistakes. I use this strategy before I submit letters of recommendation and posting this blog. Clearly, it’s not a perfect finder of mistakes!!!

 Using the flipped model allows the kids to be the center of attention during the class period. I love that as I don’t “want to be in the show”.




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