Day 26: Happy, Happy, Happy

Song of the Day: Give Your Heart a Break sung by Demi Lovato

I notice that I seem to be really up and down in terms of my spirit. When I selected this song for today, I was feeling that I needed give myself a break. Like, try not to be so hard on yourself kind of a break. By lunch today I knew the title of the post would be Happy, Happy, Happy. Why? I HAVE NICE STUDENTS! Yes, I am screaming.

Algebra 2: Flip day 1 went really well. I feel so free and liberated from the whiteboard. We even had time to start the world famous “cup-stacking, height measuring, Dan Meyer activity”. Thanks, again, to @druinok for sending her activity sheet to me. I’m starting to think her name should be next to mine on my classroom door. 


Stats & Data: I am so impressed with some of the creative graphs my students are making. Some of the topics they have selected include Starbucks, Miami Heat, Justin Beiber, NFL, Lacrosse, Pizza, and more!

I need to tell my students again how much I enjoy working with them. I didn’t know “when I first met you”, that this year was going to be so peaceful.




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