Day 25: Infographics Becoming Real

Song of the Day: Gone, Gone, Gone sung by Phillip Phillips

Nice mellow song that reminds how much my students mean to me, even when they are gone, and I have forgotten their names.

Stats & Data: We are working on our Infographic projects. I passed out a hardcopy of the rubric and project description today. I had already given them a digital copy, but many students wanted a hardcopy. 



Pretend I took the time to rotate that picture!!!!

Kids are making some nice progress on graphing their data. Now, they are trying to fancy-up their infographics. One of the my students noticed that the infographics that we looked at in class are all on one page, but they ones we are making are keynote slides. Yep, that is correct. I need to figure out how to make digital posters that are actually like infographics.

Algebra 2: The kids enrolled in my iTunesU course today so we can flip!!! I had to bust it last night to get everything in order. Flipping overnight makes for busy days ahead.

I’ve been teaching for a long time and have worked with thousands of students. I hope my former students know that even though I can’t remember your name, “I love you long after you’re gone…”.



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