Day 24: We Talked

Song of the Day: Ring of Fire sung by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

It’s fun to play songs many kids have not heard before. Several students did know the song, so we had a sing-a-long! Fun times.

Algebra 2: We finished the review of Algebra 1 today. A few kids have some outstanding modules to complete, and they are allowed to finish those with me at lunch. I wrote a few lunch passes for this week.

We talked in class and decided we will try the flip model. Probably the best part of our ebook review modules was being able to work 1-on-1 with my students. With the flip model, we all hope that will continue.

I will use iTunesU to house my notes and materials for my students. They should be able to download the videos before they leave class each day making home internet unnecessary. Tonight was a busy night (still not done, yet). I had to create iTunesU courses, make an outline, upload notes, create a screencast (Showme for a while), and upload the video. In class I will have the students enroll in the class and get it going!!! 


Showme uploading my screencast


Flipping the class overnight will probably be a tremendous amount of work, but I believe it will be worth it. Here’s hoping.

I hope flipping is a good idea, and I don’t get “…burned, burned, burned…”.




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