Day 22: Chalk Relay

Song of the Day: 50 Ways to Say Goodbye sung by Train

Today is our Friday!! We have staff PSD all day tomorrow. I chose this song since I was sort of saying goodbye to the kids for the week.

AP Stats: Well, I combined two great ideas I gleaned from my awesome colleagues and had a successful student engagement activity. My friend, @druinok, passed on normal distribution relay cards and my new colleague, Kim, mentioned she likes to use sidewalk chalk from time-to-time. 

Relay Cards + Sidewalk Chalk = Engaging Review



We had a strange afternoon today. Everyone student took the DE College Readiness test in 6th and 7th hours. Student achievement/growth on this test will make up 25% of our teacher evaluations this year. The percentage used is mandated by the state legislature. The type of student achievement/growth evaluation tool is not mandated. I hope the kids do their very best throughout the year, I know I am doing my very best!

Teacher evaluations are pretty tough thing to think about. I know of many teachers whose “pride still feels the sting” from this process. I’ve been fortunate thus far. Here’s hoping.



3 thoughts on “Day 22: Chalk Relay

  1. Greg says:

    I love the chalk. I bet the students loved it! It made me think of inviting younger students to our building and having our students teach them math concepts with chalk on the sidewalk. Cool way to interact with young kids and reinforce your lessons. Cheers.

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