Day 21: Solving Systems

Song of the Day: Make it Shine sung by the cast of Victorious

Yes, this a real bubble gum song, but I love it. I really enjoy the Nick Show Victorious as well. They made great Breakfast Club and Match Game spoof episodes. I was quite surprised how many of my students didn’t know the song. I thought the show Victorious was something they would have watched in middle school.

Algebra 2: We are working on the last section of the our Algebra 1 review, solving systems. We reviewed solving by graphing and linear elimination. Kids did well, but I hate that I provided absolutely know context for this skill. We will be doing linear programming next week so my students will see the application. I need to be more intentional about showing the application and teaching the skill to solve the application. I need to design more authentically.

I gotta remember not “to be afraid to put my (your) dream in action”.




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