Day 19: Eight Days a Week!!!

Song of the Day: Your Song sung by Elton John

My favorite Elton John song. It reminds me what teachers give to their students, schools, and communities. We give our time, hearts, compassion, and the bulk of our energy to help. It’s not money, but I hope our efforts are appreciated and understood.

AP Stats: Using technology today to complete normal curve calculations. Some students asked if they can “do it the old way”. Of course, tables are fine is my response. My ebook has a TI-emulator video enclosed so if my kids forget they have a review. We also put the steps in a foldable in our INBs. Shouldn’t be any excuses, right?

I really need eight day weeks. Five work days and three weekend days. That wouldn’t mess up the planet too much if we just switched.

I’m trying each day to get better, to reach more kids, to make a bigger difference. Thank you for challenging me to be my best, “I know it’s not much, but it is the best I can do”.



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