Day 17: Is Flipping in the Answer?

Song of the Day: Everybody Talks sung by Picture Show

Ever have a day when it seems like the kids are being really chatty? Yeah, me too.

Algebra 2: I think I want to flip this class. I have really enjoyed working with the kids individually and in groups during the review process. When I’m up at the front explaining concepts to theentire class, I don’t get an opportunity to work much with my students. Which is so much more fun than lecturing. It may be time to flip Algebra 2.

In my mind I’d like to create screencasts that can be housed on itunes U and downloaded on my students’ iPads so internet won’t be needed. Kids would view the video and complete some work at night. I see myself starting a class period with a mini formative assessment to determine if the kids “got it”. Perhaps some reteaching would be required on some or all days. Then the kids would work on some additional practice or activities to increase understanding of the topic and student engagement. That’s my dream anyway!

For this to be successful, I’m going to need buy in from my students. We will need a heart-to-heart discussion first before implementing.

Man, today it seemed a wee bit loud in my classes, “…everybody talks, everybody talks…”. That’s a good thing, right?



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