Day 15: Remembering

Song of the Day: Killing Me Softly with His Song sung by Roberta Flack

This song is one of my all time favorites. It is also special to me as it allows me to remember and honor a former student who passed away. This young lady died many years ago while just in her twenties leaving a young daughter and a lasting impression on me. My late student sang this beautiful song during a school concert. Her voice touched me then, and her memory touches me know. I miss you, and you are not forgotten.

AP Stats: We discussed the Empirical Rule and completed a foldable to place in our INBs. My kids caught on very quickly.

Stats & Data: We used the Lock StatKey to enter data, calculate summary statistics, and graph distributions. Worked perfectly on our iPads. I don’t think I will use the TI-84s in this class this year.

Algebra 2: Lines, lines and more lines. Some kids are progressing to absolute value transformations. They are doing great.

My former student left this world far too soon. I wish to be able see her again “to listen for awhile”.



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