Day 13: Test Day

Song of the Day: Call Me Maybe sung by Carly Rae Jepson

A fun, Friday type of song! What a great day. Just yesterday I felt that I needed a reminder to “Carry On”, and today I feel like I may be making a difference for my students. Wow, this thing we do is worth it.

AP Stats: Testing on describing distributions in class today. Unfortunately I didn’t proof the copy quality of the tests. So, I had to do some scrambling in class to get new copies very quickly. Thanks to my patient students and helpful colleagues all turned out well.

My students are in table groups this year and I am a little concerned about wandering eyes. I asked the kids to make some barriers between them. Here is their solution:


Eyes to Home!!!

Algebra 2 and Stats & Data: A lot of running around the classroom helping kids and kids helping kids. I LOVE that kind of a day.

I’m feeling very fortunate that I have such kind students. It is so much fun to be in a classroom where teacher and students are in sync. “I threw a wish in the well” and got my wish!!! 



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