Day 11: Homework Getting Done!

Song of the Day: Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) sung by Looking Glass

It’s fun to play a song few students have ever heard before. I’m not sure they liked it, but all of the colleagues I called into my room to listen sure did! Love a one hit wonder.

Algebra 2: The kids are progressing nicely through the review. I love all the work that is getting done in class. We played around the Geogebra Widgets today as well. Another good day.

AP Stats: We started to review for their test that is on Friday. I think the panic is setting in a little. I hope they use their ebook videos and interactive notebooks for study aids.

Stats & Data: Great kids working hard on graphing data. They enjoy using the Create a Graph website to make their graphs. I hope they are having as much fun as I am.



The best part of the day is that I realized that my kids are getting their homework done fairly well. Yes! No lyrics in the conclusion today, nothing fits. Oh what about, Kindred, …”you’re a fine girl“?



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