Day 10: Trying Student Conferences

Song of the Day: Wavin’ Flag from World Cup 2010 Anthems

My son has an away soccer game tonight so I thought a soccer song would be cool. Also, my high school has an outstanding Varsity soccer team. Go Dutch!!!

Morning Classes: I was out this morning for my other son’s appointment and the kids had activities to work on and screencasts to watch. I posted these on Edmodo. Having a sub is much easier with Edmodo.

AP Stats: Since my morning AP class worked on an ogive foldable (thanks druinok) with a guiding screencast, I thought I would have my afternoon class do so as well. I used the time to meet individually with my kids about their first FRQ. They didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped, but it is only the first one. We will get there, right?

The kids will be fine at writing FRQs by May. …But for now, “we wait patiently for that faithful day…”



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