Day 8: Our First FRQ

Song of the Day: Grow Old With Me sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter

My brother got married Saturday so I thought this would be great a marryin’ type song. Saturday’s ceremony was really beautiful. Congratulations to Carl and Bernice Cnossen.

AP Stats: The kids worked on their first FRQs at the their table groups. They described and compared distributions with gusto. I’m impressed by my students’ effort and work. Nicely done, guys. The kids taped the completed FRQs right in their INBs so they have them for further review. Here is a picture:



The homework assignment was to finish another FRQ in “all of it’s glory”. That is a phrase I will use quite often this year. My students need to get accustomed to the AP way of writing a response in context. It takes awhile, so I allow iterations of their FRQ solutions. We write, rewrite, and rewrite. A lot of work for all of us, but worth it. 

I am excited how well my students did on their first attempt at an FRQ, but I know “…the best is yet to be…”.



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