Day 6: Soda Wars & Review Break Through

Song of the Day: Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson (afternoon classes only)

My morning classes didn’t have a song today. I was running around too much between classes to get one playing. Yeah, finally caught my breath after lunch was able to get the tunes playing.

Algebra 2: The kids made some headway on their review modules. Everyone is feeling better about our progress. I think we will be able to move through the rest of the material at a better pace, I hope.

Stats & Data: We are introducing observational studies and experiments. While the kids were working on a text assignment they participated in an experiment on their taste discernment. The kids were given 3 cups of soda (in random order) and they had to determine which cup contained the “different” soda. In the past I have used Coke and Pepsi, but most kids could easily determine the difference. This year we used Sprite and Sierra Mist. This is proving a little hard for the kids to discern. We will finish the experiment tomorrow.

No pic today. I forgot. I wanted a picture of the students running the soda experiment. I will get it tomorrow. But, for now I will be “catching my breath, letting it go”.



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