Day 5: Screencasting Support

Song of the day: Misery sung by Maroon 5.

The song was a last minute choice once I arrived to my room. Oh my, our geothermal air was not working correctly and my room was HOT. No air movement at all. We were all in sweaty misery after a few minutes. No worries, Mrs. Feenstra and Mr. Roach to the rescue.  Venting issues caused the problem and all was well within a couple of hours. Yeah, I know, many schools don’t even have air conditioning. I will stop whining now.

AP Stats: We did some more work with our graphing calculators. We graphed histograms and calculated measures of center and spread using our list functions and stat features. I showed the kids once, and they may access a screencast of me using a TI emulator if they need more help. Here is a picture:

Miracle TI Emulator

Miracle TI Emulator


I guess I have a special fondness for screencasting as it was my entrance into edtech. Screencasting was a gateway skill!

So glad the air conditioning was fixed today, because when Mama gets hot, …”there ain’t nobody who can comfort me”.



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