Day 4: Bad Data!

Song of the Day: Breakaway sung by Kelly Clarkson

I love this song. I used to belt it out while walking on the treadmill when it was first popular. The message for the kids is to “spread their wings” and try different things. 

Stats & Data: I’ve mentioned earlier about our building project being almost complete. It is awesome. I posed to the kids if they thought too many students are out in the halls during class periods. We decided to check. So we split up the areas in our high school and counted the number of students in the hall. That’s all the instruction I gave the kids and sent them on their way. 

After fifteen minutes we came back and combined our data. We counted a total of about 100 students, a bit less than 10% of our student body. When I announced almost ten percent of students were out in the halls, the kids balked! Thank goodness. I didn’t fool them, they are too wise. They offered we may have counted the same students several times, some students may have had passes, etc. Well done, Stats & Data kiddos! Tomorrow we will discuss a better data collection plan.

AP Statistics: We are graphing distributions. My friend, @druinok of Made4Math fame, sent me a foldable that I tweaked for my students. Thanks again to my awesome colleague. Here is a picture below:


Histogram in color

After a comparing and contrasting stemplots, dotplots and histograms we learned how to use our graphing calculators to construct histograms. This process used to take me several days, but with my ebook and embedded TI emulator screencast, I teach it once and the kids can consult their books for a review. Nice.

My focus this year is student engagement. I am really trying to get out of my comfort zone to grow and increase student achievement. So, “I’ll make a wish, take a chance, make a change” to help my students achieve.



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