Day 3: A New Review for Algebra 2

Song of the Day: Dynamite sung by Taio Cruz

I chose this song for today because it’s fun and upbeat. It feels like a Friday kinda song. We have a seven period day at my high school, and sometimes it feels like the day goes …”on and on and on…” A new group of kids just keep on showing up. Whew, I have to be on my game!!!

Algebra 2: A new approach to the review this year. We are trying to streamline the beginning of the year Algebra review to find time to complete the CCSS in Algebra II. I created an iBooks Author ebook with review modules that are somewhat self-paced. I blogged about it here. 

Our first hurdle was to download the book. I housed the file on edmodo and kids just had to tap and download on their iPads. If only it were that easy. Many students were able to get their ebook yesterday, but a few had some issues. The file is pretty large so patience is necessary. Another teacher in my building is also using the ebook modules so I had many of his students come to my class throughout the day seeking assistance on the download. No worries, by the end of the day everyone had their text. And, students at my school believe I’m a tech goddess. Hah, hardly!


Algebra 2 Review ebook

As the text was downloading the students began the pre-quiz on the first module. If they passed the module they were not required to complete the homework for that section, and they could move on to the next module. Many students were able to go to the second module immediately. I think the students felt pretty good about their results. It’s like they feel in control. They only have to review the material with which they need help.

We are planning on doing some whole group and small group instruction on Monday. The ebook contains embedded screencasts and interactive keynotes that reteach the lessons as well. Some students will be able to proceed with those supports and others will need the teacher led instruction. I can picture some groupings to help kids get through the modules.

I think we may be onto to something with this review model. I sort of feel like we are dipping our piggy toes into standards based grading.

A really good day to today, even though it went on, and on, and on”.




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