Day 2: INBs & Nurse Gilbert

Song of the Day: Girl on Fire sung by Alicia Keys

I played this song as my students walked into class today because I keep my classroom so cold. I advised them they may want to pack layers as women my age seem to get toasty!!! Yea, I said that. They laughed. I laughed. A great start to the day.

AP Statistics: My students had to take a national pretest on their iPads assessing their statistics knowledge. A professor from Hope College is using our class and our eBook adventure for a study. I’m pretty excited about it. 


Page 3 of our INB. Running through the tape!

My students then downloaded their iBooks Author Text and we started our Interactive Notebooks. They were a hit!!!! I even heard someone mention that “these are fun”. I am so grateful for twitter and my @s for getting my into INBs. We need more tape!!!!



Stats & Data: We had a great day talking and discussing Nurse Kristen Gilbert, The Angel of Death. Perfect timing as the bell rang before we could compare cardiac death rates. The kids seemed really into the case. I can’t wait to finish it tomorrow. Seeing the interest in my students reminds me why we do this profession. Thanks to many colleagues who shared their Nurse Gilbert information with me. You were a hit!!!!

I hope my students remember their layers tomorrow because “this girl is on fire”.



2 thoughts on “Day 2: INBs & Nurse Gilbert

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