Day 0- Work Day & Open House

So, I’m joining my @s and creating a 180 Blog. Hope I can do it. Hope I remember to take pictures every day.

Student engagement is my focus this year, and one thing I plan on doing this year is playing a song as the kids enter the room. It may be related to what we are learning or just something that is fun. I’ve decided to make each day’s song the theme of my 180 Blog.

Today’s Song: Sing by the Carpenters

Today was a work day to get our rooms ready for tonight’s open house. I’ve been working on my room for awhile, it is remarkably different than my first 23 years of teaching. It’s almost cute and friendly and inviting. I arranged my tables in groups and put up borders around my bulletin boards. I have INB supplies at each table and traffic light cups for formative assessment . Here is a picture:

My Cutest Room

My Cutest Room

My school opened another phase of our building project this evening, and our open house was packed. What fun to see everyone so excited about our new high school. The building is really beautiful. I would guess we are about 3/4 complete with the project. We have a new cafeteria opening up in January. I am really looking forward to see the entire project completed.

Tomorrow my students finally arrive. I’m ready. I’m known for singing in class, not singing well by any means. But, I do sing with joy in my heart. I’m ready to “sing, sing a song, sing out aloud”….



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